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What makes the tennis ball machines from TenEquip so unique?

  • The TenEquip radio remote control (on the PRO and STAR models), which operates reliably under all operating conditions. It is equipped with a transmitter and receiver on both sides (i.e. twice as many as conventional remote controls) and transmits radio commands without any problems even in the case of radio interference, which is unfortunately omnipresent in densely populated Europe. Test the functional reliability of radio remote controls from other manufacturers and compare - you will be convinced.

  • A ball speed of up to 150 km/h. You don't need it? But maybe you expect a fast ball in combination with a lot of spin. Maybe you would like to play balls at a slightly higher speed so that no opponent player can surprise you with fast balls anymore! Maybe your balls are not always brand new. Maybe it is also chilly.

  • Service and repair by TenEquip: We know our ball machines down to the smallest detail. In case a repair is necessary - we have "everything" in stock. No waiting times of several weeks or even months, as it is often the case with American or Chinese products.

  • The TenEquip random oscillator, which works based on real random positions (on the PRO model) and is as a consequence more realistic and more fun to play than conventional oscillators. Those usually only generate "pseudo-random" by simply oscillating back and forth continuously. On the one hand this is predictable and on the other hand there will be many balls reaching just the outer lines of the court. Furthermore, this simple variant does not allow the range in which the balls are ejected to be changed.

  • The TenEquip 2-line function with 17 adjustable positions (on the PRO model). This allows you to shot the balls where you actually want them. Or do your opponents only play either directly on your racket or on the sidelines?

  • And much more - compare!