Silent Partner PRO

TenEquip Ballmaschine Modell Pro

  • Radio remote control for ball shot on/off, oscillation on/off and selection of the oscillation mode
  • Programmable oscillator:
    - The balls are played alternating right-left on two or right-middle-left on three positions
    - 17 shot positions selectable
  • Programmable random oscillator:
    - Distributes the balls randomly over the course
    - Two options: right-left or right-left and short-long
    - Court coverage adjustable in any direction
    - Works realistically based on real random positions
  • Height of Ball shot adjustable by electric motor
  • Max. Lob height 12 m
  • Ball speed 25 - 150 km/h
  • From topspin over drive to backspin infinitely variable
  • Ball ejection up to 1 ball / second
  • Capacity 200 balls
  • Extractor handle
  • Achievable playing time per battery charge up to 6 hours
  • Battery level indicator
  • Dimensions in transport position (l/w/h) 54cm x 45cm x 60cm
  • Total weight (incl. battery) approx. 23.5 kg

    Price: 3290,- Euro incl. tax