Battery and Charger

Tenequip LadegeraetAll machines are equipped for battery operation as standard. Already the Silent Partner LITE contains a maintenance-free lead-fleece battery with a capacity of 10Ah. This allows up to 3 hours of playing without recharging in between.

The SPORT and PRO models have a battery with a capacity of 20 Ah, which allows up to 6 hours of playtime. In addition, this battery is characterized by a particularly high number of charge / discharge cycles.

Already the standard equipment of the ball machines includes a high-quality charger, which belongs to the class of the so-called Smart-Chargers. Many devices on the market offer such chargers only as extra accessories or not at all. The advantage of the Smart-Charger: The electronics constantly measure the charge level of the battery and derives the ideal settings for a fast and gentle charging process. At the end of the charging process, the device switches to trickle charging - overcharging is not possible.