General Characteristics

Tennisballmaschine TenEquip

All Silent Partner Series ball machines feature a ball acceleration system that is among the most powerful on the market. Two independently driven and electronically controlled accelerating wheels allow the ball to be ejected at speeds of up to 150 km/h while simultaneously influencing ball spin over a wide range. A special, durable coating prevents the balls from slipping through without regular roughening of the accelerator wheels.

The protected control panel is located on the side of the ball machine. From there, all functions of the ball machine can be controlled centrally.

Ball speed and spin can be adjusted independently of each other. The electronics independently control the accelerator wheels. The large control range covers ball speeds from 25 km/h and covers the range from extreme back-spin to drive and rapid top spin.

The interval between two ball throws can be adjusted down to 1 second, for example, in order to be able to practice balls in quick succession at net.

With only 18kg the LITE is exceptionally light for its class and therefore easy to handle. But even the top model, the PRO, weighs only slightly more at 23kg.