Power supply unit

Netzteil SAn optional power supply unit (Silent Partner PS) is available for the ball machines STAR and PRO for connecting the machines to the 230V mains (see picture). This high-performance power supply unit weighs approx. 5 kg. The robust aluminium case resists even the toughest conditions.

In contrast to other common power supply units, the Silent Partner PS is splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP44 and is therefore not only approved for indoor operation but also for outdoor operation.

The Silent Partner PS power supply unit is available in two versions:

  • Exclusive mains operation:
    For all users who do not require mains operation. There is no need for a charger or rechargeable battery, the power supply unit costs correspondingly less.
  • Mains operation + battery operation:
    Battery operation is still possible. The ball machine automatically switches to mains operation as soon as the mains adapter supplies voltage.