Random Oscillator

TenEquip ZufallsschwenkeinrichtungSilent Partner LITE and STAR tennis ball machines provide random oscillation. The balls are shot "quasi randomly" over an area parallel to the baseline right-left. The Silent Partner STAR offers oscillation in two variants (slow or fast). The Silent Partner PRO's random oscillation mechanism also offers a 3D mode (see picture).

With the oscillator you can train techniques such as hitting the ball out of the run, general speed, the speed of your reaction - e.g. at net - and much more.

The PRO goes one step further in terms of performance and offers the following extensions to the random oscillator:

  • Firstly, in addition to the random mode right-left (i.e. parallel to the baseline), the PRO can also handle a mode that varies the balls both right-left and (by changing the ejection angle) short-long (3D mode).
  • Secondly, the field coverage of the random oscillator can be programmed flexibly, easily and in fine increments.
  • Thirdly, the random oscillation of the PRO works with a real, electronic random generator, which generates a new random position after each ball throw and controls it in a targeted manner. Forget the many limitations of the conventional solution with a continuously oscillator and test this realistic and in this combination unique random oscillator on the market.