Ball speed


I am a coach and I work mostly with players on an average level. I have not seen any other battery powered ball machine that can reach the ball speeds of your models. But do I really need it?


We think so. There are several reasons for this:

The condition of the ball plays a major role in the maximum achievable speed. The ball machine should have some reserves for this.
Furthermore, any set spin, reduces the maximum achievable speed - similar to a real tennis player.
You will also notice that your students will learn surprisingly quick to handle higher ball speeds and then want to step up more and more.

It would be unpleasent if the ball machine could not keep up with the increased demands or did not cover higher requirements.


Service / Maintenance


Our club used to own a ball machine made by... but had big problems with service and repairs. The distributor was not able to do so and it took quite a long time for the company responsible for service to get the necessary parts. Once we missed almost a whole season because of this. We would like to buy a ball machine again - first choice would be the PRO - if we knew that the service would work. Can you ensure good service?


We are not only a distributer, we also do the service and any necessary repairs. Since we are also the manufacturer of the machines, we not only have the necessary technical know-how and a well-equipped workshop for this work, but also all parts in stock.

Usually we need one week for service or repair, rarely also sometimes 2 weeks. So far, no customer has had to wait long for a spare part to be delivered.


Distribution / Test


I would like to see the TenEquip ball machines in the store. Please tell me the name of a dealer nearby who sells your ball machines.


TenEquip ball machines are only offered by us in direct sales. We have decided not to sell through dealers for the following reasons:

  • Direct sales eliminates the trading margins. Therefore we can offer our ball machines at an attractive price.
  • As a manufacturer (and also user) we are very familiar with ball machines and can therefore offer competent advice and support.
  • You will receive the best service at first hand.

f you look around in tennis shops, you will also find that even large dealers only rarely have ball machines in stock. The radius of a specialist shop is too small to make it worthwhile to have such rather expensive machines in stock.

But we offer you an alternative:
Rent a tennis ball machine from us free of charge for one week to test it. Only transport costs are at your expense. You can then not only view your desired model, but also test it in detail. Contact us.


Operating time


I have noticed that the LITE's battery, for example, is significantly more powerful than the basic models of other manufacturers. Nevertheless, the operating times you have stated are not higher. What is the reason for this?


Unfortunately, there is no standard that specifies the conditions for measuring the operating times of ball machines. Usually, the manufacturers' specifications on maximum operating time refer to the lowest adjustable ball speed - and this can vary greatly.

The target group for TenEquip ball machines ranges from young and adult beginners to semi-professional players. According to this, the lowest ball speed is already 25km/h. Quite a few battery-operated ball machines tend to cover the lower range and therefore start at ball speeds of 10km/h to 15km/h - useful, for example, for beginner training of children. At these speeds, such machines naturally run quite long, even if they only have small batteries. This cannot be compared with our information about maximum playing times, which refer to the 25km/h setting.


Battery performance


In your brochure you speak of rechargeable batteries that are optimized for use in ball machines. Can't I simply compare the performance of the batteries by indicating the Ah (ampere hours)?


The specifications of the ampere hours refer to a continuous discharge of the battery over 20 hours. Due to internal losses in the battery, the number of ampere-hours drops significantly with faster discharge. But this is exactly the operating condition in ball machines.

With the batteries we use, it is possible to extract 20%-30% more ampere hours in regular playing conditions than with battery types of the same nominal size and weight that you can find in products of other manufacturers. At the same time, the number of maximum possible charging cycles is 30% higher than with the standard types.

This is the reason why we use these batteries despite the higher price. In the long run, this is the cheaper option.


Programmable oscillation


With your PRO model, you say that the programmable oscillator "has 17 freely adjustable positions". Are there also ball machines where the positions are not freely adjustable?


Yes, that is indeed the case. There are ball machines with a "programmable" oscillator which, for instance, only allow two different settings: narrow or wide. This means that this machine alternately plays the balls either relatively close together or far apart.

Our experience with this: ...the range is never what you want for the training. For example, if the "close" position is too close for the alternating forehand and backhand training, i.e. the ball is played too close to the body. You must then constantly move to the side against the direction of the ball. Of course you should also practice this - but not only that.

In contrast, the Tenequip ball machine PRO from Tenequip allows you to precisely preselect the ball shot via 17 finely graded positions. This gives you enormous variability. At the same time the gradation allows an easy reproducibility of the once selected settings - a big advantage compared to continuously adjustable positions.