Never heard of it!
Are the ball machines good and reliable?

The best thing is to ask our customers:


Here is the feedback from Mathias Schoser, Karlsruhe, Germany, who has agreed to publish his comments and owns a STAR:
“Despite its light construction, the machine is robust and suitable for continuous use. Nice to handle and easy to store. Even the net with the balls and the ball collector fit into the trunk together with the machine.
In terms of performance and functionality, I can train everything my heart desires. The battery is also great.
The included manual is excellently written.
I am very satisfied and can recommend the device without restrictions.”


he comment on the PRO by Roman Herzig from Switzerland, like all others quoted, also agreed to the publication of his comments:
“For three months we were now able to train with the ball machine. Our son Robert (12 years old), for whom we mainly bought the ball machine, was able to improve his game a lot. Of course he is also supported by a very good tennis coach, ...”


And here is the feedback from Peter Besch from Filderstadt, Germany:
“... and tell you that I'm very satisfied at the moment and hope it stays that way. The variety and the easy handling of the individual settings is impressive. I am glad that I have chosen this model."


The feedback from Shari Santos from Portugal, who bought a STAR:
The ball machine and the tennis balls arrived in perfect order. Fantastic! The machine is very easy to use and has many options for personalized training. Friends and family both had a turn at the machine and it is a big success. I look forward to many hours of practice over the years. This machine will be great for my game!

Thank you for your outstanding customer service. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will not hesitate to refer anyone to Ulrike at! Thank you again.


Finally, let us quote our first customer here in Europe, Agelos Vougas from Drama, Greece. He has bought a PRO and agrees to publish his comments:
“Your machine is wonderful!!!  That's a fact!!!!   You can freely use my statement”
“Your battery is a real MONSTER !!!!”
“The machine works flawless.”


Still not convinced? Test our ball machines.

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We will arrange transport. You only pay the transport fee (there and back) and leave a deposit of 500 Euro.

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