Why Tenequip?

What makes TenEquip ball machines so unique?

  • The ball acceleration unit
    With a maximum ejection speed of up to 150km/h you are ready for anything: Not just for training really strong balls. But also for not having to compromise between spin and ball speed. Or to be able to work with slightly older balls. You will be always able to meet your rising skill level. 
  • The battery
    Already with our LITE we use rechargeable batteries that allow an operating time that is approximately 50% longer than the batteries usually used in comparable models.
    If you need more - the STAR and PRO models offer operating times about twice as long. We only use high quality brand name-brand batteries that are optimised for a high number of charging cycles and thus promise a long lifetime. What we do not use are cheap Chinese products that do not meet the promised capacity values right from the start.
  • Use on clay courts
    We sell in Europe and in Europe clay courts are very common. So our machines are also designed to be played on clay courts. This is often not the case with machines designed and built in countries where clay courts are not common (e.g. USA).
  • The remote control
    We do not yet know of any manufacturer of ball machines who, like us, uses remote controls with reconfirmation. Why is this important? Because the interference caused by the increasing number of users of radio remote controls, radio weather stations, etc. is constantly increasing - a problem that is particularly relevant in densely populated Europe. A remote control with reconfirmation is able to find itself a free place in the mass of radio codes. No pushing and then waiting to see if something happens.
  • The ease of use
    We are ourselves intensive users of our own machines. When training, we don't want to spend time with endless and annoying set-up procedures, fiddly buttons, barely visible displays or unwieldy remote controls. Our operating concept is based on practical experience. Take us at our word and compare.
  • The random oscillation
    Apart from the PRO, we have not yet discovered any machine on the market whose random oscillation works on the based of real random number generation. No more dependencies on the ball frequency, the predictability of the shots, the tendency to move to outside positions, no 2 balls in a row to the (almost) same position, etc. Instead, real randomly distributed balls with a great unknown variability.
    In addition, with the PRO, the oscillation range to cover is adjustable via two rotary buttons. Ideally suited for adjusting the machine to your own performance and training needs.
  • The programmable oscillator
    Not only two oscillating ranges, called "narrow" and "wide". One too narrow, the other too wide apart and not usable at all with a shorter ball throwing interval, because it is impossible to keep track. Instead, a total of 17 positions for the two halves of the field which can be immediately recognised and reproduced at any time by means of detented rotary controls. No commands hidden in the depths of a menu.
  • The service
    We're there for you if you ever have any problems. Fast and competent. With an extensive spare parts storage.
  • Die Details
    • For our ball machines you receive a detailed instruction manual with many tips in English language.
    • We deliver all ball machines with an intelligent quick charger. This means: The battery is charged quickly and gently, there is no overcharging. In addition, the battery is always ready for operation due to the automatic trickle charge which starts automatically after the charging process is completed.
    • As an option, we can supply a power supply unit with splash water protection (IP44), suitable for outdoor use. A power supply unit without splash water protection, as it is often offered for ball machines, is not suitable for outdoor use, because if the power supply unit gets wet due to rain or the sprinkler, there is a risk of death for you and others.
    • Our power supply units are designed for continuous operation of the ball machine, so the battery will not be discharged during play. Of course, it is also possible to recharge the battery with the charger while playing with the ball machine to extend the playing time. But the charger is not a power supply unit, as it is sometimes advertised. And certainly not for outdoor use (see above).
    • And many more features - check them out on our homepage